Policy News for the Nanotechnology Value Chain
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Policy Issues

The regulatory climate for nanoscale materials is rapidly evolving. With an acknowledged lack of publicly-available data on environmental fate and human health effects of nanoscale materials, the call for additional information on these substances is increasing. Restrictions, delays and extensive toxicity testing of nanoscale materials can have a serious negative financial impact on the introduction of new products into the marketplace.
Key Issues
  • Policymakers have the responsibility to address product safety concerns
  • Existing regulations may be inadequate; Changes may be inevitable
  • EPA continues to collect and evaluate information on nanoscale materials
  • FDA now involved in nanoscale material issues
  • Non-governmental organizations calling for moratorium on new products
  • Consumer awareness of safety issues is increasing
  • Research laboratories, nanotech startups, chemical companies at risk due to lack of health effects data
  • Lack of risk management practices cause higher insurance premiums due to potentially devastating downside risks
  • Nanotech startups moving technology ahead faster than policymakers can resolve regulatory issues
These are important issues for those involved in virtually every aspect of the development, production and use of nanoscale materials. The NanoReg Report is dedicated to providing the most recent information on these issues.
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