Policy News for the Nanotechnology Value Chain
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About Us

NanoReg is a professional services firm, specializing in the regulation of the products of nanotechnology. The NanoReg Report is published by NanoReg, to provide current information on government regulations and environmental health and safety issues related to the production and use of nanoscale materials throughout the nanotechnology value chain.
The NanoReg Report
  • Provides information on national and international regulatory developments
  • Provides the latest news on environmental health and safety issues related to nanotechnology products throughout the value chain
  • Information gained by direct interaction with government officials, industry and non-governmental organizations and reviews hundreds of news articles, press releases and peer-reviewed journal articles
  • News on how government agencies use this information to formulate policies and regulations
John DiLoreto, Founder of NanoReg
  • Recognized by Lux Research as a key player in the nanotech EHS debate.
  • Created and directed industry’s first organized attempt to address scientific and regulatory issues related to nanotechnology production and products
  • Managed chemical industry consortia with a working knowledge of a wide range of chemical regulatory issues including TSCA and FIFRA
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